The 1st Women in Employment & Business (WEB) conference hosted by Windsor University School of Medicine, St Kitts on 1st March, 2019 exceeded all expectations!  We are delighted with the feedback we have received.  Although it was 18 months in the making, we did it!    

Our objectives were met:

Firstly, with regard to the rights relating to the aim of gender equality, The United Nations (UN) which states specifically with respect to women that “These rights include the right to be educated....and to earn a fair and equal wage.” we can confirm that the feedback so far unanimously attests to the educational potency of the conference.  All  participants who provided feedback expressed that they had experienced growth and development both personally and professionally.  These gains will be transmitted to their respective organisations with a knock-on benefit for the nation as a whole. Follow-up activities will include: a Gender Equality Monitoring Tool for organisational development and establishing Success Network Teams.

Secondly, with regard to the conference theme...“Resilience and Readiness in a Global Environment” we can share with you that this conference  reached a truly worldwide platform by being livestreamed on Facebook and was recorded by ZIZ TV channel.  To date the conference has reached nearly 1000 people!  With regard to giving access to a younger generation of women to the global stage and exposing them to new insights and knowledge for their personal and professional growth and development.  We are pleased to announce the launch of The Womanhood Academy, St Kitts Chapter at the conference.

 Lastly the conference modelled the true benefits of partnership to fulfil the humane goal of gender equality.  We established powerful partnerships with an international community of prominent, female business women and traditional educators; partnerships between prominent men and women as well as between youth and experience. The partnerships extended across our Federation; across the business and public sectors; across professions and across professional groupings; and notably partnerships with social activists across the domain of politics.  Sadly, a delegation that had made enquiries from Anguilla was not able to attend as anticipated.



WORKSHOP D:  The participants discussed four strategies: 1.Developing a structure for higher education  2. Avoiding pitfalls of going from college to and failing in higher education  3. Readiness to apply higher education to employment  4.Developing what it takes to get women and teen mothers to succeed

i) Students need to “buy in”  ii) Discuss a course of Action
iii)  Networking, iv) Build a professional Community  v) Internship, Study Abroad vi) Soft Skills vii) Global Thinking toward Higher Education viii) Goal Oriented Approach ix)   Examine your timing  x) Coping Strategies 

Additional Focus:   Curriculum must be appropriate -Vocational qualifications overlooked/ academic
Family support - Economic support - Understanding struggles of women who are not achieving


WORKSHOP C:  Participants focussed on the following issues: Finding out about new business ventures and improving quality of life; time to reflect on surmounting difficulties; be able to support and encourage working women to be productive in their families; ideas to succeed in business without the support of a husband; best ways to network; ideas to share to help families become stronger

Families can facilitate home businesses;  older generation can give positive support and sustain strong family relationships for working mothers; having parents who were business owners enable women to continue the legacy; family support can only come via optimum leadership from women; working women need to be aware of being the ones who come forward to make sacrifices for ailing and failing  family members; being an activist can be misread as being demanding

Establish a routine of anti-stress days; maintain your physical and mental health; do things you enjoy or just empty your head with a day on the beach; devote time to your ‘self’; encourage your spouse to respect your need for anti-stress days;   assess the financial cost of not having anti-stress days; actively seek new information; step out of the box from time to time; set and reset goals; plan and review continuously.


WORKSHOP A: Roz's FAME process for success   Foundation - Build a strong foundation    Action - Be ready to take action   Motivate - Find out what motivates you  Execute - Set goals to execute 

If your goals don't scare you a little bit, they're not challenging enough    - When you inspire women the whole community benefits - Remember self-care: prioritize yourself - it is important to take care of yourself first - Self-care extends to business - pay yourself first -  Be aware of your current situation        Set career and business goals - Master your mindset - Communicate with confidence - Keep motivated  


Dr Jeune Guishard-Pine, OBE (Verve Connections) and Mrs Euphemia Brice-Roberts (BRBC) were given an Amazing Woment Global award for producing the 1st International WEB Conference, St Kitts-Nevis




Verve Connections Ltd and Brice-Roberts Business Consulting Services once again, would like to acknowledge the following for their assistance:

DONORS: Windsor University School of Medicine, Dr Thelma Phillip-Browne, Mrs Anderozzi Muir, Sugar City Studios, Mrs Cicely Jacobs, Mr Wallis Wilkin, Ms Paula Simmonds, St Kitts Tourism Authority, Nevis Tourism Authority, The Office of the Governor-General His Excellency Sir S. W. Tapley Seaton, St Kitts-Nevis Association of Atlanta, Dr Larry Quinlan, Sun Island Clothes

CONTRIBUTORS: Her Excellency Dr Thelma Phillip-Browne, Reverend Bagnall, Honourable Minister Hazel Brandy-Williams, Mr Faron Lawrence, Mr Hensley Daniel, Mrs Ingrid Charles-Gumbs, Ms Patricia Walters, Dr Tamu Browne, Mrs Cheryleann Pemberton, Prof Laura Serrant, OBE, Prof Claudia Bernard, Ms Sheryll Cadogan, Prof Uvanney Maylor,  Dr Gail Coleman-Olawubusola,  Mrs Roz Thornton, Dr Naomi Watson, Ms Eulynis Brown, Mr Rickey Bharat, Ms Avonda Moore, Ms Elrethia Richardson

ADVISORS: Ms Novelette Morton, Dr Christine Walwyn, Mrs Betty Armony, Ms Brenda John, Ms Courtney-Isis Guishard-Pine, Ms Julie Claxton, Senator Akilah Byron-Nisbett

FOCUS GROUP: Ms Trista Williams, Ms June James, Ms Jackie Ferracho-Williams, Mrs Sharon Warner, Ms Alicia Whyte, Ms Shinnel Charles, Ms Samantha Fox, Dr Tamu Browne

VOLUNTEERS: Ms Taiyo Guishard-Pine, Ms Deepa Francis, Ms Busola Osimosu, Ms Swathi Vodnala, Ms Gwendolyn Carter,  Ms Natasha Leader, Ms Eunice Nisbett